The Kissing Booth


“A high school student is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth.” This movie I have so many mixed feeling about but to sum it up I think it’s a movie you love to hate.

This is my 3rd video for this blog, I think I really liked doing this one because I’m definitely more of a romance and drama kind of person when it comes to movies genres.

Charaters, Cast, Crew

So this movie was released on May 11th 2018. The director of this movie Vince Marcello, who also wrote the screenplay, also directed The Kissing Booth 2 which is said to be released this year.

Joey King, who plays the main character Elle hasn’t done a lot of well-known movies since she was younger (She starred in Crazy,Stupid,Love, Romona and Beezus and Wish I was Here). Elle’s Character to me is a bit needy, and in some ways still acts like a child. I feel she needs to take more responsiblilty for her actions. But I’m still a really big fan of Joey King and think she did amazing in a recent TV Series ‘The Act’. I can’t wait to see what she’s got planned for the future.

Lee Flynn who is played by Joel Courtney, who really only had one big movie when he was younger. He played the main character Joe Lamb in the movie ‘Super 8’ which was a big back in 2011. Joel Courtney also in the last couple of years starred in ‘F*&% The Prom’ alongside Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch (Cheryl Blossom) and Danielle Campbell (The Originals)

The Australian Actor Jacob Elordi played Noah Flynn. In some ways Jacob Elordi was a noone when he was cast as one of the lead roles in ‘The Kissing Booth’. After this movie he’s career shot up and he is currently staring in a TV Series called ‘Euphoria’ starring opposite Zendaya. His costar Joey King in ‘The Kissing Booth’ and himself meeting on set became a couple in reallife but after a year broke up. There have now been rumours circulating that Zendaya and himself are together.


Here is some of my favourite trivia from the rom-com movie

  • During the detention scene the students in the background are all dressed like the cast of The Breakfast Club (Ally Sheedy, Molly Ringwald, Emilo Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson).
  • Lee Flynn was played by 4 different actors.
  • This was a lot actors and actresses first debut, the people include:
    • Michael Miccoli (Young Noah (Age 9) ), Juliet Blacher (Young Elle (Age 11) ), Caitlyn de Abrue (Young Elle (Age 7) ), Jesse Rowan-Goldberg (Young Lee (Age 11) ), Megan du Plessis (Young Elle (Age 4) ), Lincoln Pearson (Young Lee (Age 4) ), Jack Fokkens (Young Lee (Age 7) )
  • When Lee is talking to Elle about dating Tuppen, Joey King had placed her phone on video inbetween her legs, recording the whole scene
  • This movie was orginally a book written by Beth Reekles and first appeared on Watpad

Comparisons: Book VS Movie

The book itself is very fast paced and doesn’t give a whole lot of descrpition into each scene, this is very true compared to the movie. I Think they could of elborated on each scene a whole lot more.

The character traits Noah gives off in both the movie and the book is that he’s very possessive and controlling, which puts unrealistic expectations in the audiences minds.

Something which wasn’t shown off as much in the movie as it was in the book was Noah actually given Elle many romantic gestures throughout the book.

A lot of reviews for the movie were saying that it was too cheesy and unrealistic, which in a lot of ways it is but that is exactly how the book was written. It’s a teenage romance they are planned to be cheesy.

Something Extra

I think I watched this movie when I was 17, and I think when you first watch it it might be cheesy but in some ways still a little bit of a modern romance. I don’t know what I was thinking because when it first came out I watched it about 7 times in 4 days, Now I only like the first half.

Honestly I think it’s a movie that if you want to take a step back from drama and the serious things happening around you, it’s perfect. You just want to have a laugh and enjoy some cheesy romance. As bad as some people and myself might say it is, You’ll still see me sitting there watching the second one on the first day it comes out.

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